Cron Daemon and chkrootkit emails nightly - do you use them?


My mailbox is filling up fast with these nightly Cron Daemon reports and Daily chkrootkit reports. They are both massive emails with a boatload of content which would take forever to comb through. How do you handle these emails? Do you even view them on a daily basis? Do you just delete them straight away or what. I'm curious to here your thoughts on these files and how you deal with them on a daily basis.

Also, I can't find any 'Cron' info in the main WHM control panel, just in the site Cpanel. So I'm not sure where the Cron Daemon emails are controlled from.

Thanks I look forward to your comments on this.
I have NEVER gotten these emails before... suddenly they started showing up last week... How do I get rid of them?