Creating New Account


OK, one last question for a bit...hopefully....

I have a handful of accounts (websites) on a VPS. Yesterday I created a new account to begin the process of creating another website, and it changed my AIM username to the username of the new account (domain). That seemed odd to me. Is that just a cPanel bug? I realize that AIM is simply for the AOL messaging which I never use, but I was a bit worried this might signify other, more critical, changes that I haven't realized yet....

Any experience with this?
And I went thru the steps in the tutorial, I mean creating a new account is pretty straightforward, so I do not think I did anything out of the ordinary. I did change the e-mail contact of the new account thru cPanel immediately after creating the account after realizing that I used the wrong email when creating the account, but I didn't think that would change the AIM stuff....
Hi Crunchy,

I have to admit I am a bit confused here. The only place I know that asks for an AIM username is ServerContacts and those should not change when you create an account as they are global and not account based.
Indeed. Everything appears to be working fine with all of the websites and access to the root and cPanel, but the AIM username changed to the new account username. Just an odd occurrence, I guess maybe a cPanel bug. Just thought I'd run it by and see if anyone else had any experience with it.

And yes, that is where it was changed. I'm not sure what it was before, but nothing close to the new username was ever entered prior to creating that new account so it had to be when it happened.
Unless you want to receive notifications on your AIM then just disable it. Personally I only want notifications via email (general) and text (emergency) so I have all the others disabled :)

Hope that helps!