Creating name servers

Hi all, I've just recently signed up with KH, and now the questions begin! Not sure if this is the best category to post in, but no other category seemed quite right...

Just wondering about creating name servers. The instructions say to create a name servers like this (this is a modified version): USING IP 12.345.67.89

It's the "using" bit that isn't clear. Does it mean simply type in the numbers? I'm accustomed ty typing in the bit. "Using" is too vague for me.

Thanks for any clarification. :)
At the registrar where you registered your domain, there should be an option to create / register nameservers in the control panel. There you would create ns1 and ns2 nameservers for your domain. For each of the ns, you need to provide an IP address to point the nameserver to. Use the 2 IP addresses that KH has provided you.

The "using" means point to the given IP or assign the given IP to the nameservers. -> ->

If you need more help, submit a support ticket at:
Thanks mylinear. (Sorry it took a while to reply. I didn't get an email notification that you'd replied--not sure why.)

I think I've figured this out now. The terminology with my registrar is totally different, so I can only assume I've done the right thing. It was talking about "child name servers", and didn't make it clear where each bit of information goes. I don't really get why there is not consistent language use in these areas. Sure would make life easier!

Thanks again.
As mylinear pointed out, if you're still in doubt, it never hurts to contact KnownHost Support. They definitely know their stuff and are always on hand to help you out.