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  1. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Alright, so you have your new, bright and shiny VPS. What now?

    First, be sure to log into WHM and walk through the initial configuration. If you registered a domain with Knownhost this will probably be at least partially done for you.

    Be sure to create A records for the host and for your nameservers. Leave the resolvers at the default as they are preconfigured.

    You will want to log into your domain registrar's control panel to create/register your nameservers. I cannot cover how to do this for all registrars but here is how to do it for Godaddy and the procedure should be similar for all.

    Then you will want to create an account for your main domain (the one used in your hostname and/or registered with Knownhost).

    In WHM go to Packages and run Add Packages. A Package is a template in which you define what resources an account/domain gets. Give the package a name and then fill out the form for disk space (Quota MB), bandwidth, etc. The majority of domains do not have/need a dedicated IP, you can host literally hundreds of domains on one IP with no trouble. If you need an SSL certificate for secure access then you will need to give that domain a dedicated IP which you will need to get from Knownhost. After completing the form click Add at the bottom and it will save the package. If you decide you want to change a package simply click Edit Package and make your changes. Repeat this for however many packages you need.

    After that you can create the account. Go to Account Functions and click Create a New Account. Enter the domain name, account name, password (the user can change this in cPanel if they desire), select a package for the domain (or you can check the box to select options manually), select the cPanel theme (typically leave this as x3 or x3 mail if it's a mail only account), select the language, if the account is for a reseller check the box (a reseller you sell space to and then they can create accounts within it), if they want to use external DNS check the box for use nameservers specified at the Registrar (typically DNS is local), and if you are recreating the account check to overwrite existing DNS zones and then click create.

    At this point the account and domain have been created on your VPS but there is no content and since the domain name/nameservers haven't propagated yet you cannot access it to even upload files. Don't worry you can get there by using the main IP address and logging in using the account credentials you put in when you created the account. You can do this for cPanel (https://###.###.###.###:2083) or in your FTP client (host address = ###.###.###.###).

    If you are moving an existing domain here from somewhere else you should copy your files over at this point so that when you change your nameservers at your registrar over your viewers have something to see, just don't forget to do so and keep in mind that it could take a day or two for DNS to propagate.

    If it's a new account and you haven't yet then go ahead and change your nameservers at your registrar over to your new ones and then after a day or two your domain/account should be fully functional.

    You can also access your website by following one of the options in KnownHost's wiki. Be sure to read the entire post especially the part about websites using Wordpress and such appearing to be broken when really they aren't.

    Congratulations, you just created your first domain/account on your not quite so new, bright and shiny VPS!
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  2. newe1344

    newe1344 New Member

    uh oh...

    Hi Dan:

    I continue to be the resident problem person on these forums...

    I read this article about a half hour too late.

    I tried changing my dns settings on godaddy for a domain. I changed the IP for that domain first, then I changed the name servers for the domain as well. Unfortunately, I pointed these settings at the IP and nameservers of my knownhost account, which already has a domain registered with these settings.

    I did not change anything with the knownhost provider and here is what happened:

    Both domains became unreachable. Then I reset the godaddy domain to be hosted on a godaddy account, and now that is working, but my original domain on the knownhost account cannot be accessed. I am able to connect to my server via ssh and IP. But not via a domain name.

    I'm pretty sure this is an easy fix, I just have no idea how. Please help!
  3. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hi newe1344,

    PM me with the domain names and I will see what I can see :)
  4. newe1344

    newe1344 New Member


    Hi Dan sorry for not getting back sooner, knownhost figured it out. Earlier that day I had set my UDP_IN ports to "" and I should have left port 53 open to the public. It turns out, even if you have white listed your IP in csf Firewall, you still can't access UDP or something...

    I really appreciate your help though, turns out I had just changed something and thought it was something else.

  5. zeak

    zeak New Member

    I recently opened a managed VPS account under a domain I have registered at GoDaddy and pointing at another hosting provider. I went and "create/register your nameservers" as provided by the OP above per GoDaddy instructions. (Add host) - and

    What I'm not sure of now is, do I then set the DNS name servers of that main account domain (registered with Godaddy) to the new and as well? So I add that as a host/created name server, then I point that domain to the name sever I just setup on it?

    Not sure that makes sense but just moving a bunch of sites over (cPanel to cPanel/WHM) to a new VPS account and all this is new to me so...
  6. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hi zeak,

    When you first set up your VPS you should have had to create two nameservers in WHM. Those are what you need to set up in Godaddy (you enter the nameserver names and IPs that you set up in WHM). Your domain in WHM should already be pointing to those nameservers as they become the default.

    Hope that helps but if not don't hesitate to ask :)
  7. amy66

    amy66 Member

    Good guide.
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  8. tonex

    tonex New Member

    New customer here.

    Say my primary domain is My domain registrar is already set up to use as name server. I have already set up on VHM and cPanel, so is working fine.

    When I add another domain, say,, how do I do it? Should I do this sequentially?

    1. Add a package (optional)
    2. Create a new account.
    3. Setup my domain registrar to use as name server.

    Next, at the account creation, do I need the "Use the nameservers specified at the Domain's Registrar" box checked or unchecked?
  9. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hi tonex,

    When adding a second domain to your VPS you should have already created your nameservers. When you create the account just use the default which should be what you already have and then at your registrar set the nameservers to be those on your VPS and you will be good to go.

    Hope that helps!
  10. dkap

    dkap New Member

    Do not check that box. It will lead to a DNS mess... I ran into that problem when I first set up shop here, as the wording was quite confusing and I hadn't seen that option with my previous setup.

  11. tonex

    tonex New Member

    Do I really need to set up another nameserver or can I just use for all my other domains?

    If the answer is "yes", do I add another nameserver under DNS Functions > Add a DNS zone?
  12. tonex

    tonex New Member

    Thanks for the heads up!
  13. tonex

    tonex New Member

    So I added a new domain anyway. It looks like using works for all other added domains.

    My next question is, is this best practice or is this good enough?
  14. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hi tonex,

    I must be confused because I don't think I said anything about needing to create another nameserver. Is there a particular reason why you asked?

    Typically when you first set your server cPanel will walk you through a setup and the creation of two nameservers for it, one using each IP. And unless you or your clients don't want the domain name of those nameservers showing up on their whois that's all you would need.
  15. tonex

    tonex New Member

    Sorry for the confusion, Dan. In my original question, I wasn't clear enough. I thought that I had to create another set of name servers per domain added.

    My trial and error method tells me I only need 1 set of name server. :D
  16. quantumottle

    quantumottle New Member

    To make sure I understand, the only account under my WHM root login should be my primary domain? Then, I log into the new primary domain WHM and add all my customer accounts, packages, etc. Is that correct?
  17. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hi quantumottle,

    WHM is where you will create all of your domains so unless you add a reseller all the accounts (domains) you create will be under (owned by) root. Creating an account will create that domain and after doing that and making the nameserver changes for that domain at the registrar (with wait-time for nameserver propagation) you will then be able to log into the cPanel for that account.

    So in short you will always log into WHM using your root account but you will log into cPanel using the account login. However as the Administrator you can also use your root password to log into an account's cPanel in case the domain owner needs help or something along those lines and the owner has not given you their password.
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  18. quantumottle

    quantumottle New Member

    You are truly a wealth of knowledge Dan. Thanks so much!
  19. davea0511

    davea0511 New Member

    I did that too ... so I went back with "Modify An Account", but can't seem where to fix it. Any ideas?
  20. davea0511

    davea0511 New Member

    Thanks for this thread! It seems KnownHost assumes that everyone enlisting their VPS services has hosted their own server before. After ordering all I got was an email telling me how to point my nameserver to the new website with the words "Your first steps should be:". What? What if it propagates immediately (mine did) and now your domain shows a big nothing (or an error or "Sorry - don't exist" page) while newbies like me take a day or two to figure everything out? I realize that "managed" doesn't mean holding my hand, but I thought there'd at least be a real basic simple QuickStart guide.

    So thanks, this is a nice start.

    I don't know what those are or how to do that. Can you elaborate?
    Do we really need to do this? I just created an account and specified this info then.
    Kind of like what I was saying about knownhost's email "your first steps should be: [point your nameservers to us]". Probably want to copy the website over first, then do that. Also, if it was built on a template then it's better to start with a fresh template and re-customize it with one's content if there's a chance that the old site was hacked. Sometimes backdoors are hard to find, and would be terrible to copy one over to the new server. (a ton more work though, but can be worth the peace of mind).

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