Created account for domain that is same as nameserver domain


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I'm wondering if I could get some clarification on something.
Currently the nameserver domain name I use, also exists as account on the vps.
Things seem to be running ok like this but should I get rid of this unused domain-account?

To explain what happened;
When I first got the VPS apache was not working at the time.
So I created an account using the same domain name as my nameserver domain because I read somewhere that this was required. In reflection I think I may have misunderstood what I read.
Creating this account didn't fix anything so I put in a ticket and the problem was quickly resolved - apache problem was due to something else.

I ended up leaving this account there in fear of breaking something.
Do I need to have this account there or is it wise not to have it because its the same as my nameserver domain?
(yeah this is probably the dumbest thing ever; right?).