CPU Priority and Guaranteed RAM as stipulated in each vps package......

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    Even though it has been over a year now with KH and being a non-techie, I am interested to know and better understanding of the following :
    1. what does it mean by having 2x, 4x and 8x priority for different vps packages?
    2. what is the advantage of guaranteed RAM to a vps account such as in my case - vps3 with the current 2560mb guaranteed RAM?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Dan

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    Hi Alpha,

    I don't know the actual specifics on this but I would say that it simply means that the higher the number the higher your priority to use the CPUs available in the host machine. If I'm wrong about that I would love to hear what it really is :)

    Guaranteed ram is offered as opposed to burstable ram. Previously (and still offered at many other places) there would be a smaller amount of ram offered with a large number of burstable ram. What that means is that when your system requires more ram than it's assigned it can 'burst' up to said amount but would then have to release that memory back to the system. I've actually seen hosts who would drop you if you used that burstable ram too frequently or for too long. And of course they never tell you what is 'too' often or 'too' long ;)

    Hope that helps!
  3. KH-Jonathan

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    Great explanation on RAM.


    Here's an explanation I've previously given to detail CPU priority:

  4. Dan

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    Got to say, that is pretty amazing stuff!

    Thanks Jonathan!
  5. KH-Jonathan

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    Always glad to help clear things up :)
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