cPremote or WHMEasyBackup?

Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - General' started by seenBEST, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. seenBEST

    seenBEST New Member

    Hey there, does anyone have any experience using cPremote http://cpremote.net/Individual-License or WHMEasyBackup http://www.whmeasybackup.com/ on a KnownHost VPS / Cpanel WHM?

    I'm looking for a simple solution to download a .zip file that contains a complete backup of all account data (files, emails, databases) on the VPS. I've been pointed to these two solutions, but want to know if anyone else is using one on KnownHost and how it's working for them.
  2. owine

    owine New Member

    Instead of paying for one of these solutions, I use cPanel's internal backups and then use the free s3cmd tools to sync them to Amazon's S3. s3cmd runs in a nightly cron a couple of hours after cpbackup to synchronize the local and remote backup directories.
  3. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    I backup to Amazon's S3 as well using cPanel backups. I do them weekly and just rotate them keeping 4 weeks of backups.

    I did a writeup and script in the cPanel tutorials section that you could take a look at.

    Might have to take a look at s3cmd, thanks owine :)
  4. owine

    owine New Member

    Dan, I highly recommend s3cmd for this. Once s3cmd is installed (they have a .rpm repo) and configured (1 minute configuration with just Access/Secret) the only command I have to run is:

    s3cmd sync --recursive --delete-removed /backup s3://cPanelBackups/
  5. seenBEST

    seenBEST New Member

    Thanks owine, I've seen details about backups involving cloud solutions, including backups involving rsync and r1soft. Your s3cmd tool might be another good choice for anyone wanting to backup files online.

    However, I need to download all VPS files to a local computer, not another online server. So I'm specifically looking at solutions that allow me to do that, such as cPremote or WHMEasyBackup. I'm open to other solutions as well. The ideal plugin would take all of the account data and compress it to a single .tar.gz or .zip file that I could then download in one shot.
  6. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hi seenBEST,

    cPanel's backups are tar files, you could just schedule them and then download them the same as you would have to using any other package...that doesn't work?
  7. seenBEST

    seenBEST New Member

    Thanks Dan, I manage about 12 different servers and generate frequent local backups for each one. In addition to the KnownHost VPS there are 11 HostGator and Bluehost servers that I'm slowly migrating over to KH.

    With the BH and HG servers I am able to download a single backup file for each containing all of the settings, databases, emails, files, etc. for that server. In Bluehost, this feature is called "Site Backup and Restore" or something like that.

    I had thought about doing it the way you've suggested, downloading all the KH accounts individually then zip them on my end. It's a definite option but seems overly time consuming which is why I was looking for an easier way to generate a single download file for my entire WHM account.

    PS: I'm also wondering if there's a way to backup all of my WHM settings just in case I ever make a configuration change in WHM that FUBARS something.

    Any thoughts?
  8. seenBEST

    seenBEST New Member

    So here's a roundabout way to accomplish my goals in case anyone comes along later and wants to do something similar. I'm sure there's something faster and easier that automates a lot of this but for now it works...

    NOTE: You'll want to have configured backups correctly via Cpanel WHM for this to work.

    Putty to KnownHost VPS via SSH
    Compress the backups folder with command in Putty: "tar -zcvf ###nameofbackupfile###.tar.gz /backup"
    Use WinSCP to log in and download the file "###nameofbackupfile###.tar.gz" to a folder on your machine
    Delete "###nameofbackupfile###.tar.gz" from the server
  9. Dan

    Dan Moderator


    I'm sorry, I missed the part where you wanted all accounts in one file! :)

    You could set the tar command to run from crontab at least so that you don't have to wait for it to complete, that would save you some time there.

    Be wary of the backup files eating up your disk space also, as far as I know cPanel does not delete them.
  10. Jean Boudreau

    Jean Boudreau New Member


    For old backup files eating your disk space, you could use a 3rd party software called "Clean Backup" and is available at ndchost.com.

    A configuration within the plugin is "How many days should a backup for an account that no longer exists stay in the backup directory before it is removed"

    Everything can be configured and managed via WHM.

    Hopes it can help someone here!

  11. KH-Mathew

    KH-Mathew Systems Administration Staff Member

    WHM's backup config has an option for backup retention. That will keep you from filling the disk with old backups, although you can still fill the disk with recent ones. If you run a nix box at home then you can use rsync on that box to keep a mirror of the backups on the server as well.
  12. JoseDieguez

    JoseDieguez Member

    I would never, ever, ever, but, ever, EVER, recommend cPremote, worst software i have tried in my lifer, worst support team, and very rude.

    That's all i have to say.

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