Cpanel, WHM, Webmail load slowly...


But once I'm in, speed is decent. How can I speed up the initial page hit?

- I've emptied & lower the limit to cpanel logs.
- A cpanel forum topic suggested the theme should be changed, did that; definitely a noticible increase inside the functions!

But I cannot figure out how to change the theme for the login pages. WHM -> Change Universal themes doesn't seem to have an option to change anything unless I install one off my desktop. I don't want to do that, because I want it updated whenever a cpanel software update is unleashed.
I am seeing the same problem but being old and not a speed demon AND so happy to be out of HG I was letting in go for a little longer I will open a support ticket eventual. If you find anything let us know.

Dave G
Almost wondering if the current setup doesn't give the option:

I don't have that in 11.38.1
"Change WHM Theme" only gives me the option for "canarias" or "x" - when I choose "x" it just reloads with the same theme. :(

Dave, for cpanel:
Change Style -> select "blue_lagoon"

Although not as pretty, I see a noticeable speed increase when moving around in there. I'd love to change the login screens to this theme, too!
First click to :2087 was perfect.
Once I submitted the username & password, the normal lag ensued.
Better speed seen in WHM & Cpanel today too.

Coincidental or did Knownhost do something to their network?
Better speed seen in WHM & Cpanel today too.

Coincidental or did Knownhost do something to their network?

I made some tweaks around this time last night...but nothing since you tried last night. Glad to hear things are looking better.
Glad to hear that it's going better for you now, Zombie, and I hope it continues!

I remember that for a long time it was like it took a second or two for Apache to 'wake up' or something but that then everything ran great. But I haven't seen anything like that for quite some time now.
Speed on the overall site today appears to be at its fastest.

Is there some sort of cache on Apache modules that would cause an initial slowdown to a recently added account? It's been a few years since I moved the site in question, I don't remember if an initial lag happened then too.