cpanel webmail access problem


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I am having a problem accessing email thru cpanel. When trying to get to an email box using cpanel --> email accounts --> more --> Access webmail. I get a "Connection was reset" message. I can get to the email box of the default email fine. But not a previously created email, nor a new one created to try and troubleshoot.

Anyone have any thoughts of where I can look to resolve this? Thank you for any ideas.
An additional piece of email sent to will forward just fine. Also a new site just added has the same problem so perhaps I should be looking at WHM ? However, don't think I was messing around there before the problem arose. Any thoughts are appreciated.
No to the cloudflare question. The second website I just set up to see if the same thing would happen is just a quick Wordpress setup yesterday.
Thank you for your help. It seems to be Firefox specific if that makes any sense. I tried in Brave (I believe a chrome branch) and had no problems. If anyone else has a similar problem give a different browser a try.