cPanel vs DirectAdmin - a small feature I like...


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As many of you know, cPanel/WHM is changing their pricing structure. I for one changed from using cPanel to DirectAdmin recently. It's taking a little getting used to the new interface but, overall, I like it more and more as I use it.

The DirectAdmin feature I wanted to mention here is: an embedded SPF Wizard.

When I was using cPanel, I would have to go find an SPF Wizard elsewhere on the web, put in the parameters and then copy/paste the record into WHM's DNS update page and then save the record. This is unnecessary with DirectAdmin.

You may already know this but for those considering changing server admin systems, I find that it's a nice feature.

I'm considering migrating to DA but I'm not sure. Do you recommend it? Cpanel is very expensive for my budget.
I was way hesitant in moving from cPanel to DA as cPanel was the only control panel I had ever used and resisted having to learn the new panel. Due to the elevating price increases, I was forced to make the change decision and glad I did. The migration went smoothly and the learning process was easy and simple. I had to rely on support very little and when I did, they immediately provided assistance and clarification. Do not resist the change. It is a simple matter that will save you significantly over the cost of relying on the ever increasing cost of cPanel.