cPanel Unlimited Domains




Before I order a VPS I would like to ask one question.

When I look at your VPS offer there is a note that I can use unlimited domains for each VPS, but there is also an additional fee for 'cPanel/WHM Unlimited Domains'.

So technically I can use more domains on one VPS, but I can only configure one in cPanel, unless I pay for this upgrade? What is the difference if I don't purchase this upgrade?

Thank you
If you select cPanel when ordering you get unlimited domains. There is no additional fee to add more domains. $5/mo and you get unlimited domain cPanel llicenses. Anything else needed let us know.

Thank you,

I want to ask one more question. I'm currently using CloudFlare and because it's one of the best way to speed up the website, I need to know how should I set the nameservers when purchasing the VPS with already existing domain -- technically in this situation I don't need them, right?.

Or maybe this is just as simple as targeting the CloudFlare to new IP of the VPS?
If you're using cloudflare, it will be serving your DNS records, thus there's technically no need for running BIND locally.

The easiest method to set this up if you're unfamiliar with DNS records, is to set everything up through cPanel/WHM, then have cloudflare import the records for you.

Of course, we'll also always be able to assist you with this and help you get everything set :)