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I got a VPS a few days ago and I'm getting a couple of emails a day from the server relating to cron jobs for cPanel/Softaculous updates. The emails are being sent to my gmail account, which I have registered as the contact address for the server (so I can still be reached if the server is down). I have a couple of questions:

1 - The cron daemon is sending it's emails with both the from and to fields set as the server ( The Softaculous update log email is sending it's emails with both the to and from fields set as my gmail address. I know this is minor. The emails still get through since the envelope is obviously still going to the gmail address. But the little bit of OCD in me wants to tweak something so they both have the from field set as something from the server and the to field as the gmail account. Not sure where that would get changed.

2 - I don't really want to get two emails a day about cPanel/Softaculous updates. I really would prefer to only get emails from the server if something is wrong. Let the mundane daily stuff go to a log, and if I'm curious I'll go check the log. (and preferably those logs get purged ever once in a while, like 30, 60, or 90 days so they don't build up too large over the years) Where I can set these things?
Hello daverj and welcome to KH!

1 - I have never seen where the from address can be changed for any of the daily cPanel emails.

2 - I asked the same thing and was told "welcome to having your own server". Everything is already written to logs which is where the system gets the information for the emails. Make sure that Logrotate is installed and running to insure that your logs don't become too large.

3 - Not to make it worse but you're missing a daily email from Logwatch. Check your spam folder as it may be going there.

Sorry about not only being no help at all but for even making your dilemma worse ;)
Just wait until you start having loads of visitors and begin to get excessive resource usage emails a hundred times a day.

1 - So I too have these logs going to my gmail account. I just set them so they go into their own folder so I can easily monitor and separate them. Unfortunately, as Dan already pointed out, there's no setting where you can change those "from email addresses" since it's coded in the scripts. To change them you would have to go into the code and change them, then they'd likely be overwritten after any update, so likely not worth the trouble.

2 - Unfortunately these logs are intended for you to identify issues, your server isn't capable of determining if something is wrong 100% of the time, so that becomes our job. For example, a backup partially fails or someone is hammering a page on one of your sites. Your server doesn't know if there's perhaps a reason that backup failed (maybe you set unique permissions on a directory or database) or if you have an external program that's legitimately hammering that page on your website.

Best I can recommend is to set up good email filters so you can separate the false alarms from the real ones.

@Dan Logwatch? I'm not getting those either. Maybe it was installed before my time here.
Just to chime in here.

You can disable or change Softaculous emails by going into WHM > Plugins > Softaculous > General and then un-checking the following--

--Notify Script Updates
--Notify Updates

You can also specify a "From:" address, should you want to keep recieving but want them to be identifiable like the notifications from cPanel. However, the choice is yours in that aspect.

As far as the cPanel notifications, Dan & phpAddict are spot-on in their comments.
@phpAddict you don't get Logwatch emails either?

Maybe cPanel doesn't include anymore, actually I do vaguely remember not getting them when I upgraded my VPS package to the latest so I installed it. Sorry about that, my CRS is catching up with me. It gives information on things like clam-update, Cron commands ran, Dovecot connections, IPtables, NameD, and disk space.

I don't mind getting the two emails that I get from my VPS although in the beginning it was a bit of a nuisance. Now I just take a look through them every now and then to make sure that things look ok. @daverj do like phpAddict suggests and filter the emails to their own Logs folder or something, I do the same thing.
You can disable or change Softaculous emails by going into WHM > Plugins > Softaculous > General and then un-checking the following--

--Notify Script Updates
--Notify Updates

Thanks for this. Since it's set to auto install those updates, I'm good not hearing about it every 24 hours when it (maybe) updates one little file in one of the many Softaculous packages.

I'll let the cron one go for now. If it get's too annoying I guess I can edit the cron job to send it's output to a black hole.

The other one that was getting annoying was getting notified every time I used WHM. But I've now whitelisted my computer, so should only get those if somebody else tries to log in (or if I'm out of town).
--Notify Script Updates
--Notify Updates
Thanks, I have been trying to find out how to turn off these Softaculous updates emails for years. It's pretty much the same process when using Direct Admin instead of WHM:
  • Direct Admin > Softaculous > General
Then uncheck:
  • Notify Script Updates
  • Notify Updates