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Which resolvers configuration to use?

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  1., and

  2., and

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  1. Jean Boudreau

    Jean Boudreau New Member


    Just want your input on switching cPanel resolvers from the Google DNS to Cloudflare new and Good or Bad?! Should not even use Google to resolve in the first place?! :confused:

    Current setup:
    Primary Resolver
    Secondary Resolver
    Tertiary Resolver (optional)

    ? New setup ?
    Primary Resolver
    Secondary Resolver
    Tertiary Resolver (optional)

    Thanks for your input!
  2. KH-Jonathan

    KH-Jonathan Director of Managed Services Staff Member

    In just loose curiosity I ran some basic checks from my home and speed of Google's DNS vs. Speed of DNS resolution between the two was within 5% of each other which I'd consider also to be a reasonable margin of error.

    Google's DNS servers are stable, vetted, and they just work. I wouldn't go making massive changes quite yet.

    It's worth noting that for standard SSD VPS customers any changes to resolvers will not survive a reboot as the system will revert to Google's upon the reboot. Cloud servers and dedicated servers can permanently alter their DNS resolvers.

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  3. Jean Boudreau

    Jean Boudreau New Member

    Make sense to keep them as they are also just by the "stable and they just work".

    Thanks for pointing out about the reboot that will alter back to the default settings about DNS resolvers!
  4. WBW

    WBW Member

    We've been using the Google resolvers for some time, and aside from issue with UIBL fails (when not using 127 also, it sees too many lookups from Google) it's been fine. We're testing our internal network with the CF resolvers, and so far it's been a positive experience.

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