Cpanel question


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I have a question. I am in the sign up process. I see that the option for a control panel is blank and that it is $5.00 a month for cpanel. Is that for the basic cpanel or is that to allow different sites to have their own cpanel?

Just wondering what is included and what I need to buy.

Also, once I sign up for an account and it is created, I have elected to change my nameserver over. Once the site is ready to be transferred over do I just let you guys know and you do the move from my old cpanel site?

WHM comes with cPanel. You can create as many cPanel accounts as you wish with WHM.

After your account is created, you can submit a ticket to have your old cPanel account transferred to your server. You will need to provide the login info. Or you can just export yourself and then import. Support is awesome and will assist as needed.
Hello stowell48,

If you are coming from a cPanel server then in order to use cPanel backup to move your site you will need to have cPanel on your VPS with Knownhost as well. If you choose to have no control panel then you will have to manually create your domains/MySQL databases/emails and re-upload your files.

This will give you WHM and each domain will have their own cPanel as well.

You will need to change your nameservers at your registrar to the new nameservers that Knownhost send you in your welcome email once you have copied the domain over. Knownhost can help with the copying over part of course.