cPanel keeps telling me a new app has been registered


New Member
Hi guys
I've got this message three times already, once per day:
A new app has been registered with AppConfig.
Name: csf
Service: whostmgr
ACLS required: software-ConfigServer-csf
System User: root
URL(s): /cgi/configserver/csf.cgi
Display Name: ConfigServer Security&<b>Firewall</b>
Entry URL: configserver/csf.cgi

Is this normal? or the app is in a loop constantly registering ?

Hi Alex,

I know since last Friday that CSF went from version 6.22 to 6.26 so if they did one update per day that would explain why you keep getting messages about it as every update re-registers it.

You could always disable CSF's automatic updates if you prefer.

Hope that helps!
Hi Alex,

Here is a one liner that will give you a quick look at recent csf version changes on your system.

zgrep 'csf v' /var/log/lfd.log*|sed 's/^.*-//g'|sort|uniq