Cpanel components taking forever to load


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I've been with Knownhost for several months and I am very happy with ther uptime and customer service :). However I am having a few problems accessing Cpanel and Webmail which seem to take an age to load.

The sites load fine, and fast (allowing for a short lag as i'm in the UK). However when I come to access Cpanel and Webmail it can take 1 minute + to load and the browser just seems to hang - with the occasional time out :(

I've tried several computers using 8mb/s to 16mb/s ADSL connections and both IE6 and IE7 and the problem still seems to remain
Hello Diggity,

I believe that you can find the Cpanel logs in /usr/cpanel/logs. Well, I know you can find them there, what I am uncertain about is if errors will show up there. There is an errors log but mine is empty so I cannot say 100% that if there are any that is where they would be. Although that is an error log in a Cpanel folder.

If you do find some in there then I'd suggest updating Cpanel if you haven't already. If that doesn't help things I would shoot a ticket off to support.

Hope that helps!
cPanel's just plain slow. I don't know if it's getting caught up in some caching routine or what, but usually hitting the stop button and reloading will kick it in the pants.
I have this problem too on my TX VPSxl

I also administer another VPS with a different provider for my employer and cpanel/whm load lightning quick there within a second or two, and here it takes a minute or more sometimes, so just saying cpanel is slow I think that's not the root of the problem.

I haven't contacted support since my sites run OK and I don't have to use cpanel/whm very often but it would be nice to know what exactly the problem is. This has been happening for quite some time and very consistently.
It's stalled for me pretty consistently on every server I've been on in the past 10 years, so if you've got a box that's running it lightning quick, I'd take a close look at how it's configured and note the differences.
Check which version of cPanel/WHM you're running guys. The latest offering in the RELEASE tree (R19434) came out a few days ago and makes several changes to memory and performance, and flies compared to the previous releases.
Now seems to be getting even slower :mad:. I can't even get into WHM now.

Anybody else having these issues on VZ15-tx?
Now seems to be getting even slower :mad:. I can't even get into WHM now.

Anybody else having these issues on VZ15-tx?

As of now there are no reported issues by mgmt.

Shoot of a ticket to the support team, detailing what the issue is(what causes it - if possible). They can take a look in your VPS right now while it's happening and assist.