cPanel and a Few Misc Q's




I've heard many great things about KnownHost, so I'm really hoping that I'll be able to work with you. Before I can open up a VPS account I have a couple of questions. I've never system administered a server with cPanel before, so most of my questions are related to that.

1) Does mailman come installed with cPanel VPS accounts?

2) When multiple domains are hosted on a VPS with cPanel, does each site get a separate cPanel dashboard? This isn't really an absolute requirement, but it would be nice in order to give other system admins the least amount of privileges necessary to perform tasks.

3) Does a VPS with cPanel have mod_ssl installed on Apache?

4) Can I setup an unlimited number of user accounts with shell access? I want to completely disable FTP, since it sends passwords in plaintext across the internet and have webmasters using only SFTP via SSH-2. The shell accounts I would setup of course wouldn't have root shell and I'd figure out how to put jailshells on them, but I think I can manage that.

5) Am I allowed to install software packages as I need, such as gnupg, BFD, tripwire, etc so long as I stay within my server resource allotment and abide by the AUP?

Thanks in advance, :)


1) By default mailman is installed but disabled. It can be enabled in just a couple of clicks within your WHM control panel;

2) Absolutely. Every site will have own cPanel access as long as domains are created as separate accounts in your WHM;

3) Yes;

4) Yes, all our cPanel VPS comes with unlimited domains (accounts) license. You can create as many accounts as you need or as your VPS limits allows;

5) Sure, all our VPS products come with full root-level access and as such you can install, uninstall or modify any application in your VPS. The only exception is the system kernel - it cannot be replaced and/or modified

Please let us know if you have any additional questions

Excellent! Thanks for your help, Paul. I'll probably be opening an account within 24 hours.