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    I use Sucuri for security on my WordPress sites. One of the things that Sucuri reports are any security threats for out of date applications.

    Sucuri is showing this warning:
    "cPanel version outdated: Upgrade required."

    It is only a warning, but I thought I would ask here if anyone is running cPanel 11.44 ("Current" update release tier in WHM), and whether there were any thoughts that it was too "cutting edge"?

    I find it odd that 11.44 shows in both "Current" and "Edge" in WHM. So cPanel must consider 11.44 as unstable.

    Just throwing it out there for comment.

  2. KH-DanielP

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    Actually last night cPanel moved 11.44 down to their release/current tier.

    I haven't personally had a chance to update my boxes to it but if your set for automatic cPanel updates they'll begin upgrading in the next few days as they tend to stagger releases to not overload the upgrade servers. The changes they've made don't appear to impact day to day operations so I wouldn't anticipate any great impact but one never knows.

    We've not seen anything specific about 11.44 come down the pipe in the support desk so often times no news is good news.
  3. WebEndev

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    Hi Daniel,

    When I look in WHM, I see 11.44 in the Current and Edge tiers, with 11.42 in the Release tier?

    My VPS is set to the Release tier on automatic update (and has been since I've been with KH, so I assume that is the standard setting for new VPS customers), so it is still on 11.42. So I would have to change to Current to get version 11.44.

    I hesitate to change to Current tier because 11.44 shows in both Current and Edge tiers in WHM. The descriptions for these two tiers are not at all similar:

    Current - Tested and verified, but may not contain all proposed functionality of a release. Similar to the “release candidate” tier used under other publication schemes. Published more frequently than RELEASE.

    Edge - Has received little real-world testing. Features are subject to further modification. Usually lacks official public documentation. Published most frequently (up to several times per week). Due to the dynamic nature of “EDGE” builds, you should only use “EDGE” for compatibility and functionality testing in a controlled environment. This tier is not recommended for production servers.
    They make it sound like Current is fairly safe, and Edge is well.... edge :)

    But yet both Current and Edge are both showing as o_O

  4. KH-DanielP

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    Most servers do remain on the release version, between release and current there's not a 'big' difference, just a quirky naming scheme that they've used for years and has stuck.

    Their announcement did say 11.44 was moving to Current & Release so I'd wait until they move it on over to release. Chances are it's still in Edge because 11.46 has not been officially deployed. Once 11.46 hits the streets that will replace 11.44 in edge.
  5. WebEndev

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    Ah, well that makes sense then. I will wait. It must be coincidental timing that I viewed my reports in Sucuri today and saw this warning before they moved 11.44 to Release.

    Thanks for clearing that up, and have a great day.

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