Couple of questions regarding DNS

Yogesh Sarkar

New Member
I was just checking the DNS report for my domains since even though it has been almost 48 hours since the move, my ISP is still not able to resolve to any of my domains.

Here are the errors I found for the domain which is hosted on the dedicated ip (sharing it with the secondary ns server).
This nameserver allows zone transfers.

Reverse lookup of nameserver IP not found for 67.222.4.***: NXDOMAIN

Cannot check to see if the reverse lookup of the nameserver IP matches its hostname
While the primary ns server returns the following error:
This nameserver allows zone transfers.

Reverse lookup does not match nameserver's hostname
Another test showed the following results:

Mailserver greeting: The server should have an A record which points to the mailserver for the hostname which is presented in the greeting

Mailserver connection test: HELO, MAIL FROM, RCPT TO, QUIT Connect to mailserver mail.*****.com FAILED (could be greylisting)
For the first two things, contact Knownhost and have them setup rDNS(reverse dns) for your domains.

Just curious, how were you able to use DNS report, did you pay for it? :rolleyes: