Correct way of installing php extension in directadmin


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the above link is one way and the other is to go to directadmin custom build interface.

Now I installed a php extension using the link above and then by mistake I installed the same way in direkctadmin custom build interface

Can this cause issue? What did exactly happen? When to use what?

Our support technicians will generally use when installing custom modules on DirectAdmin servers. Depending on the module that needs to be added, it will usually need accompanying "devel" packages installed via yum before PHP will compile with the additionally enabled options. The Installation/Requirements page for the PHP module will generally show whether certain packages are needed before the module can be compiled. For example:

I have not personally used the CustomBuild plugin for DirectAdmin for managing additional PHP modules, but I suspect it is just an interface for enabling extra build options like you see described in the help article. Once the module is installed, it should show up in this list if you execute the following command via SSH:

/usr/local/php74/bin/php -m

Or alternatively, using a phpinfo file on your website to confirm that the module is loaded. Many directAdmin servers use php-fpm, so when making changes to modules and configuration, it is important to restart both Apache and the php-fpm service (for example php-fpm74.service). CustomBuild usually takes care of these restarts while rebuilding PHP and/or Apache.

I imagine it should be possible to check the custom modules file and confirm the build options that are present in that file. If you have any additional questions that would require us to look at the server's settings, feel free to open a support ticket.