Cool New Feature - cPanel 11 EDGE


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I think this featue is only on the cPanel 11 EDGE version because on my other VPS I have access to (running latest virtuozzo) it is different, although I'm not sure.

Try doing the 'free -m' command and see what the output is. I always remember getting the node's ram amount/usage but now I get my specific VPS's allocation stats. Pretty cool.

Has anyone else been upgrading to the latest EDGE versions besides me?

Heya Caleb,

I've been afraid to go to the Edge build but am rather anxious to get Apache 2 running :D

How has your experience been with it? Is it as much of a memory hog as I have read on CPanel's forum?
I feel like an idiot for not reading the sticky :p

Anyways, Dan, I went bold and installed Apache 2.2.4 just now because I didn't realize it was available yet in the EDGE version. If you're using your VPS as a production (hosting) server, I wouldn't recommend it because sometimes it can have bugs. I'm not running anything really on the VPS right now and it's using ~55% of the RAM, and 128MB usage is normal for a cPanel installtion. By the way, according to your signature, I have the exact same VPS as you, so you should be able to run it with no issues.

I like cPanel 11 because the WHM symbols are a lot more modern, however, the WHM look hasn't been revamped yet. It has some cool new things like the 'Nameserver IPs' loading screen and the new apache builder. In fact, if you want to do Apache 2 on the EDGE build, click the apache update option and follow the instructions to get the newer easyapache to appear instead.

The X3 skin is amazing and offers many themes inside itself, a very cool thing for the end user. Also, in the X3 skin, there are a few new features, as well as draggable menus.

I use it for a few really light and basic things right now, so I can only assume you could run it without trouble.

If you want you can see here that I am running cPanel and on the second link an error page - note the signature at the bottom with the apache version ;)

I'm convinced that the "X3" designation is some kind of inverted shorthand for "3 Times The JPEG Compression Artifacts." I used to wonder if cPanel's crack team of designers were legally blind--now I know.

Thanks for the run down! :D
Hope that includes Spamassassin but that is a serious pig using 45% of my system memory and it's hardly even doing any work since I put in some Exim ACLs >.<