Continuity of Operations - Your Responsibilities


Now that it's been about a week since the SSD35-TX outage occurred, I wanted to address responsibility - responsibility of the account holder.

First, for full transparency, I was affected by the outage as well. We run a forum and we lost some forum posts and some recent signups. Sad, but not a big deal.

Second, professionally, I preach COOP - Continuity of Operations - how does your business keep up operations when a service fails. So let's take a hospital for example. Say they lost their phone system. How do they keep communications open with the community, healthcare partners, etc.? They have a cache of cell phones, ready to be deployed to key departments and people, and numbers ready to be distributed to the public via their communications director.

So how does this relate to you? Yes, KnownHost creates backups (daily, every other day, whatever), but does that work for you? For your situation, do you need additional backups? Of just databases or full backups? Are you keeping copies on a different server or downloading them locally?

What is acceptable downtime? How fast do you need to be online? If there was a catastrophic failure, and all data is lost (highly unlikely), how do you get your site(s) back online on a different server?

Everyone is going to have different answers. Your clients may have expectations of their own as well. This thread was created to encourage you to have a conversation with yourself and/or your clients.

Here's what I do for my COOP. I know it's long and complicated but at least you know that it's possible and can be done for not too expensive.

*** Just keep in mind that I only host businesses so they do understand that they are paying a bith much when they see how much backup I have for them in case of lost data or disaster. They know that I have 3 hours to fix an issue in case the server goes down so I have plenty of time with the following setup to bring them back online. ***

  • I use JetBackup(5.95$/month) on my Cloud VPS with disaster recovery enable
    • I case of a disaster, I can spin up a VPS at another provider, do cPanel updates only and without any configuration, I just launch the JetBackup Disaster Recovery and everything is automated and it will restore the last full cPanel backup to that new VPS.
      • I make sure to spin a VPS with a 1Gbps port speed so the restore from GoogleDrive is super fast
      • Once my VPS is back online at KnownHost, I can RSYNC back my data if needed.
    • It case a customer need files closer than the last backup, I can restore from an incremental backup I do twice a day.
  • I use NameCheap Premium DNS(6.48$/year)
    • NS1 and NS2 TTL @ 60 seconds so I can point my DNS to another provider within 1 minute.
    • Hosting an exact copy of my website on a hot standby VPS at another provider so in case of a disaster, I can change my A record in NameCheap Premium DNS to the new IP as my TTL for both my website and MX records are set at 60 seconds.
  • I do 3 daily backups
    • 2 incrementals at 12pm and 12am (takes about 20 minutes)
      • Sending to a KnownHost 1TB backup plan (20$/month)
      • Retain 60 backup
    • 1 full cPanel backup at 12:30AM (takes 7 hours because of the 100Mbps limit.. wish KnownHost would give us 1Gbps instead)
      • Sending to a Google Drive 2TB package (12$/month)
      • Retain 10 backup
  • On the first on each month, I download a full backup of each accounts from my Google Drive to a Synalogy NAS I have at my office and keep them for 1 year. Better be safe than sorry.

Total number of backup I have in cPanel/JetBackup: 2574 (see screenshot)
Total amount per month for robust backup: 37.95$/month

The data on my VPS's are my responsabilities even if I know I can trust KnownHost. I would be the only one to be blame in case I lost my customers data. Also, I try to move away from any RAID setup and use only Cloud products as the storage seems to be quite more stable and don't have to do any fsck since kernel still crashes.

Hope it makes sense! Feel free to ask any question, I would be glad to help in case you want to setup something like our setup.



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