Content Delivery Network?


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Hello, I just got set up on a VPS / cPanel, slowly learning my way around what's what- I'm interested in creating my own CDN- I have (I think) a typical setup, each of the two IPs are associated with a name server, though I notice that all the accounts are directed to the first of the IP addresses, the second seems clear- would it be reasonable to locate shared content there? Part of the idea is to limit traffic to the CDN so that it only accepts calls from my IP. Any thoughts? Tutorials? Examples?

I'm also interested in any general tutorials about VPS maintenance etc., written for the beginner- I'm familiar with cPanel and the M and P in LAMP- but definitely not the L and A.

Thanks in advance-
Both IPs point to the same machine, so you're not going to be able to create anything resembling a content delivery network with one VPS account anywhere. You can setup a separate virtual host for static assets that don't need cookie data sent along with any requests in order to optimize loading times, but that's about it.
Thanks for your reply- my initial thought was to create a sub-domain of our main account ( and use that for the content we typically use over and over again- a reset.css file, for example- and then protect it from access outside our VPS- I wondered if I could somehow use the secondary IP for this, I'm not sure if I'm way off base?
Yes, because that reset.css file isn't going to be requested from your IP, it's going to be requested from the IP of whoever's trying to load your site.