Contactor Plus

Yup that would work.

Just a word from a wise: That software is a rip-off. There's many softwares even not open source that cost just a tad less than that ($50-200) that does the same thing and comes from a real reputable company ;)
Thanks Jlegle nd PPC.

Please, If you know an open source script that do the same that ContactorPlus Script could you share it and let mi know?

I`m tired of search!...

Contactor Plus, Autorresponse Plus "big brother", it`s an excelente email marketing software.

At the same time, I`d like to know if ContactorPlus Script ( can be installed in your VPS hosting service?

With a VPS you have full root access so you can pretty much install any 3rd party applications you want as long as it is legal and not in violation of our TOS. Hope this helps.

Here's one very popular open source one:

Since you were looking to pay $500+ for that contractor plus (piece of junk IMHO) here's an excellent piece of software by a very reputable company for $289: