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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by cookie, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. cookie

    cookie Alien

    please remove after reply
    I could not send support ticket because your domain is not connecting either it is now 15 min that can not see my site nor your main site
    a lot of pocket loss

    Vancouver, Canada Okay 45.7 46.0 46.3
    Florida, U.S.A. Okay 44.5 45.0 45.3
    New York, U.S.A. Okay 41.0 41.3 41.5
    Austin2, U.S.A. Okay 8.5 8.6 8.7
    Amsterdam3, Netherlands Okay 112.9 113.2 113.4
    Austin, U.S.A. Okay 8.5 8.6 8.8
    Amsterdam2, Netherlands Okay 111.8 112.1 112.4
    Sydney, Australia Okay 197.0 197.5 197.9
    London, United Kingdom Okay 120.4 121.6 122.6
    Stockholm, Sweden Okay 145.8 146.0 146.4
    Kraków, Poland Okay 146.6 150.0 153.1
    Madrid, Spain Okay 136.8 138.4 143.6
    Amsterdam, Netherlands Okay 118.6 120.9 123.6
    Cologne, Germany Okay 124.8 125.1 125.3
    Munchen, Germany Okay 134.7 134.9 135.2
    Paris, France Okay 129.5 131.2 133.6
    Cagliari, Italy Okay 157.0 157.4 158.0
    Lille, France Okay 142.3 145.4 147.9
    Singapore, Singapore Okay 242.8 244.1 246.4
    Porto Alegre, Brazil Okay 180.5 186.8 201.2
    Shanghai, China Packets lost (10%) 550.5 557.2 561.6
    Copenhagen, Denmark Okay 137.4 137.6 137.8
    Santa Clara, U.S.A. Packets lost (100%)
    Hong Kong, China Packets lost (100%)
    San Francisco, U.S.A. Packets lost (100%)
    Melbourne, Australia Packets lost (100%)
  2. cookie

    cookie Alien

    Santa Clara, U.S.A. Packets lost (100%)
    Hong Kong, China Packets lost (100%)
    San Francisco, U.S.A. Packets lost (100%)
    Melbourne, Australia Packets lost (100%)
  3. 3x WHM VPS + Growing

    yep we are seeing problems getting to our VPS in Texas and California. Lucky for us its 10pm in Australia. I know the guys will be straight onto it.
  4. cookie

    cookie Alien

    what is what I do not understand , just know I had a client and he was trying to send a support ticket. I really need to put my support forum in another server just in case.
  5. cookie

    cookie Alien

    ok we are back:)

    thanks guys and remove this thread please.
  6. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    We don't remove threads unless it is totally inappropriate which I would say this thread is not ;)

    After the issues ended, did you submit a ticket to support to inform them of the outage?
  7. cookie

    cookie Alien

    no I did not and speaking frankly I have some pocket loss still
    from time to time but just waiting it will get resolved

  8. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    I would urge you to submit a ticket ASAP if you're still experiencing data loss.

  9. KH-Paul

    KH-Paul CTO Staff Member

    Neither of our internal nor external monitoring systems (including quite accurate Hyperspin) detected any connectivity problems in TX DC last night. Based on the Alerta's spotcheck report in the first post I would imagine that there might be some sort of connectivity troubles somewhere on/around west coast which affected connectivity for systems located in CA and China and AU.

    In situations when packet loss is detected it makes sense to run traceroute (tracert on Windows) to see how packets are routed and where possible packet loss might be happening.


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