Connecting to webpage, and server location


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Hey guys, a couple of noobie questions so I'll keep them brief. Any help at all on any of these is greatly appreciated.

Connecting to homepage

Hey guys, I swear I must have skipped a step somewhere - I've got a new VPS package, and have my knownhost it at (The domain is I put up a mediaWiki page (installed through Softaculous), but I cant seem to connect to it through the IP.

Server location
When I do a trace at the IP's I was given it lists the servers as in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Is that correct? I was under the impression the servers IP would be in Texas.

I can't connect to via the domain name either, but I think that's a nameservers issue - I'm tracking that down with my registrar now - It's been 48+ hours since I set it.)
Hi kooriki,

Without knowing what control panel you're using connecting to an IP won't always work. For instance to do so with cPanel you'll need IP#/~accountname and you would also need to make sure that the ability to do so is enabled in WHM. This is due to the IP being shared so you can have many domains on one IP.

I just ran a tracert on your IP and it showed as being in Texas here. :)

If this is a brand new domain and new nameservers you'll need to register your nameservers with your registrar. Here are the instructions on how to do that with Namecheap. :) If it was an existing domain and nameservers you'll still need to change the IPs for the nameservers with your registrar.

Hope that helps!
Hmm. I've tried scouring the docs but I'm afraid I dont know where to start. I am using cPanel, yes. I've got a couple of domains that I'd like to have hosted on this account, but other than setting the nameservers at the registar to the ones given in my first email, I'm stumped. What setting should I be looking at in WHM? or is this something I do in cPanel?

Thanks for the fast reply by the way!
I think this is what you need to do (newbie myself, but mine worked 1st time).

1) set your name servers at the registrar to and
2) in WHM create an account for WHM will put the records in the DNS.
3) additional domains can have their own accounts created in WHM as before, or they can be set up as add on domains in cPanel. Both ways will automatically put the records in the DNS.

If you're moving domains from another host it can take a couple days for everything to switch over.

If you don't want to fight your way through it contact support. They'll probably straighten it out in a few minutes.

Ok, I took a look at it for you. It looks like you've got the DNS set right at the registrar.

I cannot access - but I can't do that with my domains either. According to something I read that will only work if Apache is set up for it.
Thans MiCarl..! I'll look into the Apache thing - I'm under the impression I can do this if I have cPanel set up as a 'reseller' account. I'll keep looking further. I'd like to avoid calling support in for now - I'm stubborn and I want to learn this all myself.
Morning kooriki,

Unless you are actually going to sell to someone else that is going to be reselling accounts then don't bother with creating a reseller account. You can create as many accounts (domains) with your root login as you want.

The first time you signed in to WHM it should have walked you through a configuration script part of which should have been configuring your nameservers. You should have assigned one of each of your IPs to each nameserver. After that every account (domain) you create in WHM will automatically be configured to use them. After that you have to log into your registrar for your main domain and create your nameservers. It appeared that you use Namecheap for your registrar so the link I gave you in my previous post shows you how to do that using Namecheap's interface.

Get the nameserver thing sussed out first as nothing at all will work without that.
Dan - I think he's ok at the registrar. I can ping his name servers and get the correct IP address.
Thanks a ton for your guys help. It turns out I missed a step. In the spirit of helping others learn from my mistakes, I went step by step through the process listed here. In my case I neglected to click"Add an A entry for this this nameserver".

All is well, thanks again guys.


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You know, I gave you bad advice at the beginning.

I'd had my sites at another host and continued to use their nameserver for the first month - so I never had to do those steps since I edited the zone files directly when I switched nameservers.

Sorry about that.