configuration dual delivery email


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I have 2 VPS with knownhost. I have a client that email is very important with them. Can I setup dual delivery email for them? It means that email delivery to 2 VPSs for one domain. How to configuration dual delivery email ?
Thank you
Hello tonyle,

Wow, so they want their email in 2 different places? That sounds like it would be a serious pita to me as they'd have to maintain/manage it in both places.

What do they actually want to achieve? They simply want to insure they get their mail?
Same domain name on 2 different VPSs? Not sure you can do that but if one's like .com and the other is .org you could. One will have to be the primary (.com) and create all the same addresses on the secondary (.org). And then for every email address you create (on the .com) make a forwarder to forward it to the other (.org). You may also be able to use the domain forwarder function although I am not sure that this will leave a copy on the primary server. I say give it a try and see what happens, you can always delete it if it doesn't work.

Might be something you can do with MX records or through a third party too, but not that I am aware of myself.
Will they be actively using both servers for email or do they just want a carbon copy (backup) just in case?