Concerns about my account


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I have noticed all sorts of things stating to happen now. I am getting thrown out of my cpanels when I try and do a simple task. Then I noticed funny things happening with my one email account and I send in a support ticket, and all of a sudden I am blasted for going against the AUP. I run text ad exchanges and these are opt-in sites, where members join and "agree" to the terms to receive emails from other members of the site. These sites will move the emails. I was told by Jonathan when I spoke with him back in May when I signed up for my VPS-2 that this would be fine. I spoke with Brad Saturday whom got me very upset and now I am afraid I will lose my VPS, and I even told a client I think he may have to move and therefore I will lose what little income I did have.
I was told I don't need a VPS but a commercial mailing service? What in the world?? Then I was told I am most likely breaking quite a few of the AUP rules. This after I was told these sites were acceptable, and have had no problems until Saturday the 22nd when I started to receive weird emails and wanted this looked at. Also I go to login to my cPanel and see Time Warner IP address as the last IP in the Cpanel. Now someone help me here as I am totally lost and my head is spinning after speaking with Brad Saturday, and losing clients, trying to search for another host, which is no easy feat as I cannot get the awesome service I have gotten from you guys, BUT now....after I was told these types of sites were fine....

I've split this off as your VPS shouldn't be effected yet by the migration.

If you would let me know the support ticket number in regards to this and we will look into things for you. Don't panic as this could be a simple mis-understanding however we will definitely look into things for you.
Hi dobee,

If you still haven't heard anything on your ticket you can put a response in to it asking what's going on.

However it kind of sounds to me like your account might have been hacked as well and you should have changed your password immediately. As a matter of fact this would also explain why they are finding things against the AUP as there is no telling what the hacker could have done.

Sorry for the delay in getting back with you, I'll be updating your ticket shortly but from my initial review it does not seem you have anything to worry about.