Compliments, Reflections and Best Wishes to......


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To All Support Personnel, Sales and Billings,

May Good Health, Happiness and Wealth be with You All and Happy Holidays!

Looking back to the past 12 months of working with KH as my vps hosting provider, it has been a healthy and effective working relationship although there were hiccups here and there.

In particular the technical support team, have been very supportive and assist in every way possible, which is very important and vital to non-tech guys like myself. The team has great tolerance and patience in extending their assistance whenever I needed it. My compliments to you all and thank you.

Looking forward in 2014, I hope our existing working relationship and your continued support, would be enhanced to benefit both parties not just as customer and provider but also as working partners.

Once again, thank you and wishing you all A Happy New Year!



Thanks for your feedback. We certainly always strive to be the best we can be and will continue to do so so we always meet and exceed your expectation.

I wish the best for you in 2014!