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Community is so important. It creates a nice buzz for the company when there is a happy active community.

Suggestions: Inform all new clients of the forum availability. Suggest to clients to post here first, if they think their support request might be of benefit to other clients. Put a bigger image or link on the home page pointing to the forum (I stumbled here by accident).

Where we host our websites becomes like a second home. A good home is usually within a good community. I would love to see the community get more involved here find out a bit more about my neighbours :)
Thanks for the suggestion and I am in 100% agreement with you. We are working on doing more with the forum. The one thing we do not want to happen is this forum being a place customers post questions for our support guys and expect responses like they do via the helpdesk. For example we are fast with support but this is not our intention with the forum. That can create expectations in the wrong manner so the main point I am stating is we will start filling the forums with info but support is not done in the forum and we won't respond in the forum to support questions. We will post making suggestions at times though. This is not a good practice as it can be good and bad but the forum should be where our customers and soon-to-be customers chat, etc.

i agree to try to make it a bigger community,

a question about the forum in general, can I subscribe to the category network and hardware status so i get an email with every post, i see you can subscribe to a specific topic but not a category,

Knownhost should use vbulletin as the forum software, it really is alot more advanced with alot more features and possibilities( i do know that with vbulletin you can subscribe to a category), paul, jay, what do you think?

Yeah, we plan to migrate to vbulletin on this or next weekend. PunBB is light and fast but lacks a lot of features.

Whatever the move, whether to vbulletin or something else, I think an active community is something that even I was looking for. :) It certainly makes things look good.
Vbulletin is the way to go,

I wonder, if they have something that would transfer over all the posts, members etc? It might save you alot of time....
By the way, i could not login to the forum with my password when you switched from punbb to vbulletin, were the passwords carried over in the migration? If yes, than i guess i just forgot my password, if not, then i would put a post in announcements saying that one needs to get a temp password and create a new password.
Passwords were the only thing that were not technically possible to move over. To retrieve a new password to login for your first time (then you can edit it back to something to your liking), please just try to login then it will take you to a page where it will ask you for your email address. It will email you to confirm you requested the password change. Follow the instructions and you should be set. Any issues feel free to email sales@ for help.

This past month has been a doozie, as we not only switched VPS accounts over to KnownHost (best move we ever made! :D ), but we also switched our bulletin board software from UBB over to vBulletin. A lot of work but we couldn't be happier all the way around at the end results. :)

It was sad to see UBB die the horrible death that it's suffered at the hands of Groupee since they took over, but those things happen. But we moved on and we love our new vBulletin software and our new web host.:D

Glad to see vBulletin used here, as I don't have to stop and learn where all the board features are. ;)
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Not bad I must say. This forum has surely grown.

KH - I noticed you still dont mention the forum in your welcome email - why not mention it? The more users the better...

It would be nice also if you guys could give better "user titles" to users who post a lot (like myself).... ;)
We did add it to welcome emails about 30 days ago or so. They should be on all welcome emails.

Regarding special titles...let me see what I can do. :)

I think Knownhost is doing well with this forum so far. Could always be more active, but thats true with most communities.
What types of user titles would you like to see? :) I see it is quite basic currently so we are open for ideas.

Users with 5+ posts should be able to configure custom title from now on.

So, we had the most users ever on the KH forums today:

Most users ever online was 222, 06-30-07 at 07:26 AM.

Where are all these people when there is no downtime? We could have quite a large forum community with all of those users :rolleyes:

Come on... You expect everyone to show up just for the community feel? :p


Yea, where are they?
Sometimes thats asking too much. I should know... I'm a community director for an online RP group. You'd think that those people would appreciate a community more. Unfortunately... they don't always do as you think.