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So me being a PHP addict, I'm not at all familiar with ColdFusion. I have a large prospect that had a complex web app developed in CF and they're looking to change hosts. I've been reading about CF and how to get it working on CENTOS but some say it's a resource hog which I don't like at all. I came across a community project called Railo which apparently originally converted CF code into PHP code which would be awesome, but the project changed to converting CF into javascript instead. So, does anyone have any experience getting CF working on CENTOS here? Railo? Or know of an alternative solution to get CF working well on CENTOS?

My impression of Cold Fusion has always been a bad one but alas, I must admit I don't know much about it. Seems like it was Adobe's (formerly Macromedia's) attempt to get a hand in a programming language and basically compete with .NET or ASP.NET perhaps?
You are right, and I too don't have a good impression on CF, but since this is a great prospect I was hoping to tell them "Yes, we can host that." rather than "Ewww ColdFusion?". Although, as soon as they said ColdFusion I did reply "Why?". :p I thought CF had long been gone but after doing some research to see what options I could provide I was surprised to see that CF is still alive and Adobe is still developing the language.
Hey Josh,

I'm not sure if you reached a verdict on this yet, however I've done a little review and it seems possible. However, I've got to provide the typical, not supported text. If you are still interested, I'd be willing to give it a shot to install on your server.
:( I was hoping for a solution that wouldn't affect the current system, just something to start supporting CF.
Yea, I'm skeptical too. :( But desperate. So there's download number 2, lol. I'll try it on my local VM and see what kind of damage it does.
Well, without even running it I can see it's going to be a disappointment from the programming. The project did state "Need to have parse functions written for all of the CF tags and functions." and that's still the case. No support for many functions, like even arrays. So that's a wash. :(
I guess finding a CF to PHP program is so hard to find because CF developers are usually convinced the CF is the future, and PHP developers tend to dislike CF, so finding a community of people that do both and want to convert CF scripts into PHP are apparently hard to come by.
:rolleyes: Oh' what to do. I'd hate to have to get a shared hosting plan to host this project, but at this point I'm beginning to lean in that direction.
I've set up CentOS on VirtualBox and will be trying out OpenBD to see if I can get this CF site working with it. I'm taking careful notes so that maybe once I'm done (if it does work) maybe KH can start hosting CF sites. :D
I've set up CentOS on VirtualBox and will be trying out OpenBD to see if I can get this CF site working with it. I'm taking careful notes so that maybe once I'm done (if it does work) maybe KH can start hosting CF sites. :D

Sure, I'd be glad to hear the results and your feedback from your experiences. If you make it work, I'm sure we can get the same going on a VPS for you. However, keep in mind having a Control Panel installed sometimes conflicts with the results.
Been working on it in my spare time and... Yay!!! :D

CentOS and OpenBD.jpg

OpenBD Success.jpg
Although I've come into some application/code problems due to the differences between the ridiculously expensive Adobe ColdFusion server licensing and the open source OpenBD, I'm managing to work through them even though this is my first experience with CFML programming. I'm actually pleasantly surprised at how well this monstrous application is doing switching from a Windows server with Adobe CF to a CentOS VM with OpenBD.
Well, just when I was about to give up...
It's an open source CFML Engine that can be deployed on Windows, Linux, or even Mac.
Thanks for that link; I've been a .net developer years but am in the midst of picking up ColdFusion as well. At the moment I'm working with CF Builder 2 on CF9 and playing with CF11 at home. As such I was wondering about putting CF on my VPS here as well for a few different purposes and was glad to see this thread (not some of the replies though).

CF has come a long way since the last time I played with looked at it. :eek: Have you had a chance to see what CF server version OpenBD is roughly on par with?