ColdFusion 8


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Not sure if I should have posted here or in another forum. I've been a customer for over a year, and am absolutely happy. My question is a pre-sales question though as I am in need of a ColdFusion server. I know CF is a resource hog which is why I'm thinking of upgrading to one of the big hybrid boxes.

Just wanted to get any sort of feedback from anyone who has (if they have) ran CF on one of Knownhost's VPS.

I've ran CF on dedicated Windows2k3 servers before, but I'm just too happy with Knownhost to leave that I'd rather spend the coin on a CF license and upgrade to a hybrid if it is doable. Of course if it is not, then I need to look elsewhere :(

Thanks for any advice/suggestions/etc. offered.
This is certainly not a useful answer to your question, but what application do you need ColdFusion for, and are you positive there is no alternative solution? CF is not very well liked anywhere.
Could You Clarify?

Where is "anywhere" when you say CF isn't well liked? Many people love CF.
"Anywhere" being defined to include:

1. The minds of developers who know and have used any other language for any statistically significant length of time

2. Companies who don't trust Adobe to catch all of their own security holes

3. Companies who don't feel like paying Adobe for a script interpreter when dozens of free alternatives are available

4. Hosting providers who sell anything other than dedicated servers
Well of course if you've become fond of another language, you may find it difficult to switch until you realize that CF can do in one line what PHP t6akes 4 lines to do.