CloudLinux - Low memory limit from unknow source


I have CloudLinux installed on a Cloud VPS-4(12GB RAM) and I have a website that seems to hit some weird memory limit that is only 200MB. Even If I've setup memory limit to 4GB, it will not go over 200MB. Anyone have seen this issue? You can see that memory was in a straight line for many hours @ 200MB

Addons software in use:
- LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise
- Imunify360

Local configuration can do that if they have a file that has a specified PHP Memory limit listed.

Such files for configuration are typically;


However, some softwares such as WordPress or Magento have other specified areas to set memory_limit beyond those three listed above.

That's what makes it hard tracking down why local limits don't match master limits in PHP Info.
Thanks for answering!

I saw 256MB limit in the Wordpress config file and it's a bit over the 200MB peak I saw in LVE Statistics. Maybe in LiteSpeed Memory soft limit for(2048M). The "M" doesn't seem to be working as expected maybe. Since the hard limit is also at 2048M, I'll try to raise it to 3072M.

I've looked at the user.ini, .htaccess and php.ini and no limit at 200MB

I'll try a few things and report back!
I'll first try to only change the memory limit in that Wordpress installation. Changes to multiple files and I will not know what was the cause. One step at a time.

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '512M');