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Doug Ryan

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We have been a VPS hosted customer for jeez.. 5 years now (I had no idea it'd been that long). Extremely happy with the excellent service from Knownhost. I've got 20 self hosted proprietary videos for a school that are on the server. This was working great up until last week. Normally we would have 4-6 students per class.

This session we've got 9. I think our bandwidth and performance is being taxed with this many students trying to access them simultaneously, as they are jittery and lagging sometimes.

I want to maintain the same WHM server, but move JUST the videos to the 'cloud' here at knownhost. I've been a manager of many different linux servers and configs for almost 20 years now, but I have never dealt with anything related to cloud hosting. I'm looking at the high end of this which is like 36 bucks additional per month.

1. Does anyone thing that this could solve our bandwidth/video delivery problem?
2. HOW would I access the cloud? and
3. HOW would I link to the videos that are hosted there.
Currently, I'm using a simple HTML5 based scheme with a simple href to the video location on our vps.

Thanks in advance.
If this will work, I'm looking to jump on this within 24 hours.
PS: No, we cannot use youtube or vimeo for this. The content is our own and is not available to the public.
Hey Doug,

Thanks for sticking with us all these years!

If you're serving video, the first thought is that you might be hitting your 100Mbps port speed limit. Do you have a ticket I can reference to locate your account with so I can check the stats? We're in the process of raising all port speeds to 200Mbps during our migrations to our new facilities in Atlanta. Seattle and Amsterdam locations will get bumps too in the near future.

In terms of cloud VPSs, it's just a VPS on a different back-end. As far as you're concerned in managing/accessing of it, there's no difference to the VPS you have now. The difference on the back-end is KVM as the hypervisor and Storpool as the shared storage infrastructure as well as some additional redundancies in the architecture and such.

Edit: one additional though: are students all accessing the videos from the same location? It's also possible you're saturating the download speed of the connection they're viewing from.
Thanks for the super quick response Jon. This is why I love this place.

No. The students are accessing from home after class. These are basically converted low resolution powerpoints.
akkkkkk!!! That 100mbps thing. You just HAD to inject some technical facts here. SMDH!!!

Face Palm.

Welp... hmmm. thinking. (smoke coming out ears). Time for a beer, jeez.

So, if hosting videos via KH cloud hosting, we would run into the same 100mbps limit? If that's the case, then do you think we could host the videos using Amazon AWS perhaps? I really hate being behind the knowledge curve on something like this.

Seriously though, we're on a VPS, which means it's still shared somewhat, with possibly some other heavy hitters, using the same port.

What do you think? I respect your opinion and I know my mileage will vary.

I'll try darned near anything at this point to get these videos hosted properly for our students.
Thank You!
PS: Regarding the trouble ticket, I haven't submitted one because I'm pretty darned sure that too many students are trying to access them at one time. I've submitted a couple in the past... only to find out it was me not you guys that were causing the issues. I'll go ahead and post one just so you can check.
Perfectly. We bantered in email about possible work-arounds, but the discussion got me thinking outside the box. Without that, I'd still be pulling whats left of my hair out.

I already had the solution in my tool-box. We have an $84 annual subscription to Vimeo. I had no idea that it allowed us to:

1. Change the end of the video to text, blank, or a link to a specific video.
2. Block it from being played on Vimeo, or anywhere else, even with the link.
3. Can limit the display to a specific website via embed.

Since we were only using it for a few promo videos, this was a perfect solution. Also eliminated the server load, freed up 3 gb worth of space!
Next to our VPS, Vimeo is the most cost effective digital investment we've ever made!