Close old offer threads!!


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Just a suggestion that may stop the wasting of your time (and that of your clients :) )

Can we please either lock or remove the old offer threads when they have expired?. Not everybody comes in via the main page and its confusing to see what appears to be an active thread right at the top of the main forum promoting an offer which to all intents and purposes appears to be still active and ongoing and could even be construed as misleading. I've even promoted it on another forum!.

I know that it is probably partly my fault for not checking the offers page first, however as an existing customer I usually directly access the forum via a favourites link. I have just spent most of the day debating whether or not to upgrade only to find that now I have decided, that the offer is no longer valid!.

Until your post informing me that it was closed, there was absolutely nothing on there to indicate the fact.

Any confusion could have been avoided if the thread had been closed or locked by a member of staff once it was no longer valid, or even an offer expiry date or 'valid until......' indication added to the original post ;)

Agreed! We will either make a note going forward that this offer has expired or lock the thread.

Thanks diggity for the suggestion!!

Perhaps you could just make a subforum regarding former/past offers and move the threads there. They'd still be visible, but people would hopefully understand that its out of date information.