Time Lord
I've read over their site but don't fully understand what it is. Is it just used to bill customers and keep track of their billing? Or is that used to manage client accounts? Does it handle payments?

I'm just wanting to know a little more about this feature. :) Thank you.
Thats where I went to get information to begin with.

How does that compare with phpCoin (which I see comes included with Fantastico)?
I don't know much about PHPcoin other then it is free. I can say most either use Modernbill (we don't provide) or ClientExec though. You can always try ClientExec out then cancel it if you don't like it.

I may just try that. Nothing hurts in trying ClientExec and phpCoin and comparing them side by side, right? :)
I was using phpCoin before and using Clientexec now. Based from experience, Clientexec is more robust and customizable than phpcoin. For the price of $5 / month, I would really recommend ClientExec for your billing system. ;)

You can also check out CE public forum at
Thanks for the information. I will keep that in mind.

Now, there is a discount when one pays for a year instead of paying monthly. If I did go with CE, would I get a discount? Or would it be a full $60 for the year, plus my reseller purchase?
If purchased with the original order then yes CE would be discounted. Most opt for monthly but annual is an option to you.