Clientexec users


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I`m fairly new to using Clientexec. I have a client who`s billing is due on Jan 4th. I have Clientexec set to send out an invoice 7 days before the bill is due.

I don`t know whether anything has been sent to the client. I as admin never recieved a carbon copy (should I?), and when I check under the invoices tab there are no active invoices. Yet, I don`t want to start pressing buttons and send the guy duplicate invoices etc etc!!!

Can someone advice where I may have gone wrong. I figured Clientexec would automatically send out an invoice 7 days prior.

I don't think it will show up as unpaid until the due date.. You have to tick the CC box to send yourself a copy.. What you should do is set up a test account so you can see how your end users will receive your invoices..