Client wants to submit ticket


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I'm still new to VPS, so forgive me if this is obvious. I have a client for whom I've set up a VPS. I've put 2 of their domains in there (plus a subdomain). Well someone at the company has taken over one of those domains, and I gave him the login info for that subdomain and the cpanel.

This evening, he said he needed to contact support because the server seems to be down, that he was having trouble pinging and trace routing the ip was timing out. He was in error (said " I was trying to SSH to the server but its probably not set up." ???) but wanted to know how to contact knownhost support should the need arise.

My question is - with the cpanel login info he has, can he submit a ticket? Or does he need to root password? While he is part of my client's whole company, he's only a small part and I'm hesitant to give him that info as he may access the WHM.

For him to have access to your account you would have to contact our billing department and add him on as a secondary contact for your account. However, by doing this you basically authorize him the ability to make any changes to your account.

Unless he is a business partner or someone with the authority to request any change necessary to your VPS I would hesitate before adding a secondary contact on your main account.

Yes you are also correct with the root password (which he would also need for support tickets) he could indeed access WHM and the root shell of the server to make many changes.
Thank you very much for your detailed answer. Just what I needed to know.

Now I just need to figure out how to tell my client that I don't trust his guy to touch the VPS server. This'll be fun...!