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Preacher Herb is the messanger of the cosmos. He surfs at c-street. I'm not preacher herb but I stole his identity to get rich and buy a custom bonzer from the Cambell Brothers in Ventura.

I setup my phpcoin here:

I'm still building it. I'm using the knownhost AUP and stuff and make no secret that I'm reselling accounts for kownhost, so in case there's trouble I can just give them back their money and let them be knownhost customers.

Pretty good thinking on my part, wouldn't you say?

Since there is so much competition in the web hosting industry, especially shared hosting, you need to stand out.

Since you already tell on your website that you are reselling account for, What stops the potential customer from bypassing you as the middleman and going straight to knownhost as they already have there URL buy a shared web hosting plan from them for the same price and they will get 24/7 tech support as suppose to what is on your website, limmited technical support?

Just a side point(as i was thinking about this), Legally, can one take the terms and conditions and/or AUP or privacy policy from another web host?
I would get everything built before I started selling.. Don't forget to change the phpCoin logo.. I would do away with the Knownhost clause as well..