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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by urbantoy, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. urbantoy

    urbantoy New Member


    Does anyone know how to setup an iPhone to access a mailbox hosted with VPS ?

  2. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hello Urbantoy,

    Don't have one but I'd assume you set it up the same as any other POP3/IMAP client. Is that not the case?
  3. urbantoy

    urbantoy New Member

    Oh so it's the same huh?
  4. khiltd

    khiltd New Member

    There is nothing magical or even vaguely unusual about the iPhone's email client.
  5. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    It does seem kind of magical in the sense it just works so smoothly :p.

    Just wish it wasn't on AT&T; the home of "less bars in more places", on the slower network.
  6. khiltd

    khiltd New Member

    The supply lines have been halted in preparation for the 3G models' unveiling. I wouldn't expect the AT&T partnership to last forever, either.
  7. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    Interesting, thanks for the news.

    I sure hope it's soon - I just can't sign up with AT&T.

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