Certificate for ftp ... was expired and a self-signed one was created to replace it?


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I received an email from cpanel saying "Certificate for ftp ... was expired and a self-signed one was created to replace it. You should install a new certifcate as soon as possible. You can do this in WHM under "Manage Service SSL Certificates." Is there any reason not to just keep the self-signed one?

Hello Alan,

You will sometimes see this with cPanel updates. The only reason to be concerned is if you had your own SSL certificate which you would want to reinstall. Otherwise you can of course leave the one that it automatically generated.
[FONT=&quot]Hi Dan thanks a lot for that appropriate answer. I have also seen this many times with the cpanel updates. When I had seen this, I never knew much about this. Actually I was confused with this. Anyway I appreciate the prompt help. I was also benefitted from this answer. Thanks. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]
expired ssl cert

I am confused as to what to do here.

cpanel email says the cert expired and installed a self -signing one. We had one that was purchased a year ago from another source. Do we need to install the ssl cert every year? Even if it has been renewed?

I am not seeing any problem with browsers warning about the certificate.
Hi laguna,

It depends on which certificate expired and whether that one was the one you purchased or not.

When a certificate expires I believe that you need to install the new one over it although I've never worked with SSL certs so am not 100% sure. Certs are dated though and I wouldn't think that date on a private cert could be updated magically as it's part of the cert you install.