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Hi You'll

I've been a customer of Knownhost for some time now.

Just yesterday, I received four email messages pertaining to

Certificate for cpanel on host.xxxxxx.com was expired and a self signed one was created to replace it. You should install a new certifcate as soon as possible to replace the self signed one that was installed to replaced the expired one. You can install a new certificate in WHM under "Manager Service SSL Certificates", or by clicking this link: https://host.xxxxxxx.com:2087/scripts2/manageservicecrts

I have asked Tech Support for an explanation and, to their credit, they have tried to explain why this is happening.

But, I can't understand "why now" after 18 months of hosting, this message is just now being generated.

Any help is appreciated.

Note: I do host one ecommerce with an SSL.
I had the same emails a few days ago and got the message below from support. If you're not comfortable doing this open a support ticket.

-- reposnse from KH support --

The email you received was of the self signed SSL certificate generated by WHM which is nearing its expiration. We have now reset the SSL Certificate and the issue is resolved. In future you can yourself reset the Certificate by following the steps below :

Log into the main WHM Control Panel >> Access the Service Configuration link >> Access the Manage Service SSL Certificates Link >> Hit the Reset button located on the page.

-- end --

Good luck!

Certificates expire and that is why you are receiving the message now ;)

In WHM you can simply click to generate new ones and all will be well again