CentOS Recommendation on WHM Page


I have recently been seeing a STRONG recommendation at the top of my WHM page to upgrade to CentOS 6 (Support says 7.1 now offered). I contacted Support regarding implementing this recommendation. I was told that I would need to get a new server that has an newer OS on it. To do so, I would have to contact my billing team and also, pay additionally for this although my monthly rate would probably remain the same. What exactly is this and why do I need it? What happens if I opt to not do the upgrade and why should I be expected to pay additionally and how much would I be expected to pay? Seems this should be an expense absorbed by KH as long as I faithfully pay my monthly fee as originally contracted? What is the consensus on this issue among others within this forum? (BTW, aside from this minor issue, I am a long time loyal and very happy customer and plan to remain that way.)
CentOS 5 goes End of Life - no more updates ever - on March 31, 2017. At that point you will have to upgrade to keep your operating system secure.

It's best to have an upgrade path in place now to avoid the rush at the last minute.

As there is no in-place upgrades - we can't just issue a command to upgrade you to the new version - you will need to have two VPSes temporarily;
One is the old and one is the new. We will then transfer your accounts and data over to the new VPS. Once that is done, you can cancel the old VPS and receive a pro-rated credit to your account for the time left on the old VPS.
OK! Understand the concept but two (2) questions remain. How much $$$ and will my monthly fee remain the same?
Went through the same process for the last few days going to a new panel software. Wasn't painless for me/us but I was kinda sort a surprised had to order a new server then port over at a cost. Will cost ya a few $$ between the days both systems are up (and IP propogations, etc....).
Wondering if you need to get new IPs also for this process. I'm interested in knowing that.
Think about it as paying taxes :rolleyes:.
When you update/upgrade the OS on your home computer to a major new version, you have to stop any other work you might be doing on that computer while the update installs and configures. It's the same on a web server - it can't continue to serve your website/mail/application etc while it is updated and that's not generally acceptable to have a webserver not working for the hour or few that process might take. There may also be other technical limitations why it's not possible. The solution of transferring to a new server minimises down-time, and the extra cost is pretty minimal overall.
So is a few dollars a couple dollars or are we talking $10+/-, $20+/- etc. Also going from plan to same plan, will my current discount follow me?
Generally <$10. Take your plan price divide by 30 then multiply by the number of days you have both systems. That's your cost. Generally only a day is needed, sometimes two.

Coupons should follow you, just use them when signing up for the new one.
I did this and I was more then happy to, you can wait until KH need to migrate everyone over in their time/schedule or you can do it now at your own choosing and convenience. I chose to do mine just before Christmas when it's quiet.