Can't locate Locate command


I know it was there and working a couple of weeks ago. The Locate command came in the default VPS install and worked and there was also a cron under cron.daily for it.

But all traces of the command has disappeared including the cron job.

find / -name "locate"

comes up with nothing.

Any ideas where it might have disappeared to?
I noticed it missing a few days ago too. It was working previously. The updatedb command does not work either. Maybe a cPanel or OS update removed it?
Submitted a ticket to support and they re-installed it for me. They say the locate command is not there by default when a new VPS is setup. Maybe so in newer VPS, but it was there on mine when it was setup some time back.
Locate has been on mine ever since I got it but I have not ran a cPanel update lately. Think I will wait a while now before I do ;)
mlocate package was excluded from OS templates as in 99.5% (or even more) of systems it results in useless waste of resources. It can be easily installed inside the VPS using the "yum -y install mlocate" command if needed.

What do you use locate for?
I don't *need* it, it was just a nice-to-have instead of find...being new to linux, I don't have the locations of particular files memorized. The find command was very slow and locate was very quick. But now (after the reboot in the 7th) find is acceptably quick now.

It was more of wanting to know exactly how it disappeared from my system. I know it's a managed VPS, but didn't think something like that would just disappear without some hint that something was changing.

Thanks for the info on how to install it. But I'll probably leave it out now that find works fine. No need to consume resources when there is an acceptable alternative that doesn't consume resources.