Can't execute files I can see in the directory


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I have had similar issues before, but it seems like I am not able to execute some files, even as the root user. i will get an error that the command is not found. For instance, I tried to run sa-update and received:

-bash: sa-update: command not found

I am not an expert user by any means, is there some "linux thing" that I am missing that is preventing me from executing these commands?

Thank you in advance for your help,

Hey there Dan,

Do you change to the directory where the files are located when you try to run them? Sometimes executables aren't in the path or don't have their paths updated or added, not sure what it is on a Linux machine but you need to either give the path when you try to run it or change to the directory that they're in before running them.

If that's not it we'll have to keep digging as from what I looked up what you did looks just fine.

Hope that helps
Hi Dan,
I did change the directory, with those results. I know there are issues sometimes with links or paths, but this is a brand new box. I am just trying to figure out if it's me or if this is something that warrants a support ticket. I appreciate any advice!

From what I read it looks like you did everything correct. Try running it again as ./sa-update once in the directory and see if that works.
That did it. Could I bother to have you explain what that did? I am having a hard time googling that one and finding a straight answer.

Thanks again for the help!