Can't Create an Addon Domain...


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I have a website at (public_html)

It has its own DNS as and

I just got a new domain with; this is a new website, I just dont feel the need to create a new account for it. So I want to create a simple addon with this one at (public_astral). I have the domain at godaddy, and I pointed the domain to and However, when I try to create the addon domain, I get the following error:

Error from park wrapper: Using nameservers with the following IPs:, Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear to use DNS servers associated with this server. Please transfer the domain to this servers nameservers or have your administrator add one of its nameservers to /etc/ips.remotedns and make the proper A entries on that remote nameserver. and are the address to and, so why is it giving me an error?