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  1. ducky77ar

    ducky77ar New Member

    I'm new at knowhost, just bought a package and transferred an existing domail with 40 email accounts.
    I'm experiencing problems in downloading emails. I can see them though webmail, but I cant download them. I get error 10060 in my email programs.
    There is an office with 20 terminals sharing the same ip address, they connect to probably 5 email accounts each. I think it has to do with a setting under whm, something that allows me to have multiple connections from the same ip, but I cant figure it out.
    Any suggestion would be appreciated
    Thank you
  2. KH-Paul

    KH-Paul CTO Staff Member

    Is there any error message in addition to the 10060 number?

    Maximum number of pop3/imap connections can be changed at WHM >> Service Configuration >> Mailserver Configuration there are five items that may need to be adjusted in your case:

    Maximum IMAP Connections (Total)
    Maximum IMAP Connections Per IP
    Maximum POP3 Connections (Total)
    Maximum POP3 Connections Per IP
    Maximum TLS/SSL POP3 Connections Per IP

    If nobody in your office uses IMAP then there is no need to change first two

  3. ducky77ar

    ducky77ar New Member

    yes, i bumped them up to 500 but still get the same error
    any suggestions?
  4. ducky77ar

    ducky77ar New Member

    Solved the problem by adding our ip address to the ignore list in whm under firewall settings
    Thank you

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