Cannot Access Subdomain through browser

peter vijeh

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I don't seem to be able to access any subdomains that I create through cpanel. I have tried creating a dozen or so different sub domains, and sub-sub-domains in a brute force attempt to get one working-- to no avail.

I checked if i could access one of my new sub domains via FTP, and i could.

I also checked my new subdomain via this DNS propagation tool:

I checked the DNS info for my sub domain, and apparently it has been created and looks fine to me, i think: A A A

any ideas on why i cannot access any of these subdomains?

Here is an example of one that i created:

thanks in advance,

You first need to get "" to work as per IntoDNS the name server has gone missing.

WARNING: One or more of your nameservers did not return any of your NS records.

ERROR: One or more of your nameservers did not respond:
The ones that did not respond are:

May be a problem at your registrar, Godaddy?

It also looks like your name server is only alive in a few places as of my posting
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Hi Peter,

It looks like the 'A' records for ns1 and ns2 are missing in the DNS zone of I'd check that first.

WHM -> DNS Functions -> Edit DNS Zone -> [Select DNS zone for '']

Make sure the following entries exist:

ns1 A
ns2 A

If this isn't the case, you can always put in a support ticket :)