Can someone give me a hand?


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I used a moving company to get my website transferred over. They tell me it is good to go.

My problem is, I am at work and for some reason when I ping it I still get old host. I can go online and use a web pinging site and get new new host.

I need to verify the site is up and running and looks right.

My domain is

Can someone ping this from their PC for me and give the IP they receive?

Also hoping someone could visit the url and "Click To Enter" and grab me a screen shot of what they see.

Thank you greatly!
Hello Chris and welcome to KH!

I ran a tracert and confirmed that it is resolving to a KH server. Remember that the rules of propagation apply and your ISP's DNS may not have updated yet and can sometimes take a few days.

Attached you should see a screen shot of what was displayed after entering.

Hope that helps


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That is what I wanted to see. I am back online and turned the board back online.

Thank you to KH for all the help!