Can I run this mailing list on here?


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I am on the VPS Mtx plan and use it (or will be doing) for my vBulletin forum and HTML website.

I also have a mailing list that's currently being run through Zinester's mailing service. We used to have it run from our old shared hosting, but the hosts set a limit to the number of emails we could set an hour, so we had to move it to Zinester's free service.

Unfortunately Zinester add adverts to each email which is a little annoying, so I would like to move the service back to using PHPList if possible. I have a test version installed on my VPS and have imported all my users but I am wondering if it's going to allow all the emails to be sent or if there'll be issues?

Does anyone know if it will send all the emails out when I send them? I know I have root access and in effect control the emails too, but is there anything set that limits this from Knownhost?

I currently have
11180 mailing list members that receive emails about once or twice a week, depending on what's going on. Does anyone know if this would cause problems?

The emails are simple few liners, nothing major.

As long as it's not unsolicited, I'm not aware of any limitations KnownHost places on emailing.
Thanks, I am more concerned about if the emails will actually physically be sent or if there's some limitation set on our servers or on the main server that hosts our servers?

The mailing list itself is within the T&Cs of the hosting as far as I am aware, but I want to know if the hosting can cope with an 11,000+ members mailing list as shared hosting in the past hasn't been able to, although I know my VPS is much better than my old shared hosting.
I have a VPS=L plan and I sent out an email to my fourm members last month and experienced very high server loads.. only 1,000 members.

What c/p are you using?
I have a VPS=L plan and I sent out an email to my fourm members last month and experienced very high server loads.. only 1,000 members.
I was trying to use PHPList to send out my emails to my mailing list members. I only have 6,000 members on my forum, but 11,000+ on my mailing list and wanted to see if I could bring it in house again.

It appears I can't run it from my VPS though, I tried it earlier today and my server almost died. It affected all other areas of my server so I killed off the process and uninstalled the mailing list, I'll leave it on Zinester for now. Mailing lists appear to be very demmanding, especially larger ones.

What c/p are you using?
No we don't limit registrations, anyone can sign up, although you are right about the sign up image, it doesn't appear to work for me either.

That's probably something caused by the move from our old server to the new, I'll take a look at that and sort it.
Jeren, the problem was that my VPS didn't have GD or ImageMagick installed and this is required by vBulletin. It was something I hadn't checked since moving over, thanks for spotting that one.

The image is now fixed and people can sign up again, feel free to join and come in and say hello :)
I found this topic via search and I didn't want to open a new one.

I migrated one WordPress powered website that has mailing list (opt-in/out) with over 5000 members. On last provider, site war run on a shared hosting but there was special mail server (with same annual price as hosting) that enabled unlimited number of receipts via SMTP.

So my question is: what uses less resources for email sending, SMTP or PHPMailer? Will my server (VS2) handle this number of receipts? Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance